What is a u-turn?

It means to turn around and go back in the opposite direction.

On my first driver’s test, in my mom’s 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass, I executed the 3-point-turn quite well. Full marks. U-turns were not part of the exam.

A U-turn is also a change of plan, a reversal of policy. This is what I’m up to. But I’m not good at it.

I’m 33, I’m newly married to a very nice lady, we have an apartment in Vancouver and a couple of cars. I have a good job that I enjoy, and I’m falling apart. Metaphorically. My fitness is terrible, I’m addicted to the internet, and I have no idea what is going on with the small amount of money I have. I don’t really know anything about car or home ownership, I feel like I fell backwards into my job, and I have no plan to keep up the momentum.

For years, I assumed if I could pay my bills that I was doing just fine. I’m better off than most people, right? Maybe, but making such a comparison doesn’t do anything for me really, it only serves the impulse to keep my head down, eat more oreos, sleep in, and be mediocre.

I also have a congenital heart condition. This makes ignoring my fitness all the more dangerous.

So, I’m married now. I’m a home owner. My job is, to me, very important. I have responsibilities beyond myself and I can no longer live like a 23 year old. I want to live a long life and provide for my family. So I need a change in direction, a reversal of policy.

2016 will be the year that I turn things around. That I get into shape, that I fix my finances, that I figure out how to be a responsible, productive human being.

And I’ll document it here, for you, but mostly for me.



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